Maximize fuel economy by following these tips

by admin

As a truck driver, it is your priority to take care of your vehicle as it will have an enormous effect on how much fuel you use. Trucks are known to run their best and consume minimum fuel when they are well-maintained. So, here are some tips to keep your truck maintained and to save money: Check your tires regularly

    To save fuel, keep your tires properly inflated. Tires with proper pressure will reduce the amount of drag that your engine has to face.
Avoid bulky items
    Don’t bother carting around items you don’t need. Put bulky items inside the vehicle instead of a roof rack to minimize drag.
Keep an eye on fuel economy
    Keep track of your fuel economy by reading the odometer. Some trucks are equipped with special gauges that make it more convenient to keep track of fuel economy.
      In addition to these tips, you can maintain your fuel economy by the way you drive:
    Focus on moderate driving
      High speed driving will increase fuel consumption and emissions. So, increase your savings by making more gradual stops and starts.
    Don’t leave the vehicle idle for more than a minute
      Leaving your vehicle idle for more than a minute will burn more fuel than turning it off and then restarting it. So, make use of “stop-start” technology that will shut off the engine and then restart it when you take your foot off.
    Always park your truck in shade
      Parking your truck in the shade will not only minimize the evaporation of your fuel but will also keep your truck cooler.
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