Follow these tips while loading hazardous material

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Loading hazardous materials can sometimes be fatal for truck drivers, think about fireworks, fuel, and sodium. These are considered hazardous materials that are difficult to transport and come with a lot of risk. If you are a truck driver and haul hazardous material, it is very important to follow some tips and rules to keep yourself and the load safe:  

Choose safe truck parking

If you are loading hazardous material, it is important to park your truck in an area where your load is safe. If you park your truck on private property, ask the property owner for permission and inform them about what you are hauling.

Keep away from flames

Hazardous material is considered unstable and it’s vitally important to keep it away from flames. If you see a fire while on the road, you need to take special caution. Do not drive past it unless you can pass it without stopping.

Check your tires for damage

To avoid accidents, check your tires for damage or overheating. Check them regularly either at the beginning of the trip or whenever you park your vehicle. Immediately replace or repair damaged tires.

Safety while fueling

You should never leave your truck unattended while fueling. Also, don’t run your truck’s engine while fueling. It is important that you stay next to your truck whenever it is getting filled up.

Never smoke

It is dangerous to carry a lit cigarette near a truck that is carrying hazardous material. Moreover, you should never smoke near an empty tank that includes flammable materials.

Properly labeled

While hauling hazardous material, make sure that all containers are properly labeled and the material is contained in an appropriate vessel. If you are a truck driver looking for the delivery of loads across Ontario and Quebec, download the EZLinQ app from the App Store and Google Play.

Maximize fuel economy by following these tips

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As a truck driver, it is your priority to take care of your vehicle as it will have an enormous effect on how much fuel you use. Trucks are known to run their best and consume minimum fuel when they are well-maintained. So, here are some tips to keep your truck maintained and to save money: Check your tires regularly

    To save fuel, keep your tires properly inflated. Tires with proper pressure will reduce the amount of drag that your engine has to face.
Avoid bulky items
    Don’t bother carting around items you don’t need. Put bulky items inside the vehicle instead of a roof rack to minimize drag.
Keep an eye on fuel economy
    Keep track of your fuel economy by reading the odometer. Some trucks are equipped with special gauges that make it more convenient to keep track of fuel economy.
      In addition to these tips, you can maintain your fuel economy by the way you drive:
    Focus on moderate driving
      High speed driving will increase fuel consumption and emissions. So, increase your savings by making more gradual stops and starts.
    Don’t leave the vehicle idle for more than a minute
      Leaving your vehicle idle for more than a minute will burn more fuel than turning it off and then restarting it. So, make use of “stop-start” technology that will shut off the engine and then restart it when you take your foot off.
    Always park your truck in shade
      Parking your truck in the shade will not only minimize the evaporation of your fuel but will also keep your truck cooler.
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      EZLinQ –The Most Efficient App to Improve Your Fleet Business

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      • Are you struggling to get drivers when you need them for your trucking business?
      • Are you fed up with the shortage of reliable truck drivers?
      • Is it difficult for drivers to look for load opportunities when they have availability?
      EZLinQ is an all-in-one solution for your trucking-related driving needs. It is a Smartphone app developed to connect professional drivers and companies across Ontario and Quebec (Canada coming soon!). It can simplify your trucking business needs, and make it more convenient for truck drivers to seek opportunities. After downloading the Free EZLinQ app, a company can check for the availability of drivers. Companies can post available runs, set rates, and manage the selection of star rated drivers for the completion of these runs.

      Ability to post runs simply by adding basic information including-

      • Run title
      • Type of work that you want completed by the driver (e.g., City or Highway)
      • Enter the delivery details (e.g., locations, unloading requirements and pay rate)
      • Start date and time
      This app offers a convenient way to create runs.

      Easily manage outgoing runs

      Besides creating runs, you can also manage your ongoing runs. Just select the run and track location, chat with driver and monitor completion.

      Manage runs more efficiently

      Apart from managing ongoing runs, you can also manage posted as well as completed runs.Like ongoing runs, you can search for your posted runs either by city, highway or both. You can effectively manage your completed runs with the ability to repost same run on a future date and track details of completed runs (e.g., payment and run details).

      Add run post criteria

      The app will ask you to add post criteria in Settings that will be used as your default post information and will be displayed as the default every time you post a run. However, you can change this default at any time just by changing the post criteria in Settings: • Start Location • Run Type- city, highway or both. • Pay Rate • Offloading and Waiting Time Requirements • Type of Equipment driver will use (e.g., Sleeper, Straight Truck, Day Cab, Cube Van). EZLinQ provides you with an easy way to connect with companies and drivers. App is available for free on App Store. and Google Play-Download Today! For more information visit the website at